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The founders of HIM beacuse of their other business activities and stakes continue their work in separate companies (Interim Executives Provider and Interim Management Resourcing), but the well known HIM brand stay in their common ownership.

Other companies working on this market are not authorized to allude to HIM, the Hungarian Interim Management Kft.

The two exclusively entitled companies:

Interim Executives Provider Ltd., 1122 Budapest, Ráth György utca 56
Tel.: + 36 30 919 2939

Interim Management Resourcing Kft., 1012 Budapest, Logodi u. 44.
Telefon: + 36 30 954 3064

Please look us up on our new webpage where we present our services in detail.

You can reach both webpages and e-mail address from here by clicking.

Thank you for your understanding.

István Fekete

Péter Lengyel

László Steiner

dr. Tamás Tóth

Founders and managers of Hungarian Interim Management Ltd.

We have found Hungarian Interim Management company-the first hungarian venture of interim management- in 2003. We work on the interim management culture become known in Hungary. We already have a lot of achievement but we are still far from to be the part of hungarian business culture. We know it is still lot of things to do. We continue our work -even in separate companies- invariably with commitment- as the professional provider of interim management.
The conformation thanks to the auxiliary management resource and our interim manager’s plus value resulted not only our client’s and their company’s subsistence but also their success and their maintable existence for a long term between the changing economic circumstances.
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